Monday, October 10, 2011

Please Stop Talking!

I will admit that I like to do my fair share of talking and sometimes I prefer someone just stop me before I say something really stupid but unfortunatley that rarely happens.  Do you ever feel that certain people bring out the worst in you and you say things you normally wouldn't say just to 'show them' but then afterwards you end up feeling really bad and even caddy.  I do have somewhat of a filter just not a very good one when it comes to certain people.  One thing about being a parent is that now I sit and listen to my kids talk all day long and I barely get a word in edge wise!!

Sometimes my kids talk so much and ask so many questions that I just start making up answers.  A friend told me once never to ignore your kids because then someday they'll just stop talking to you and she said it like it was a bad thing!  LOL!  I totally knew what she meant so instead of ignoring them I'd just start making stuff up.  If they are paying attention they of course catch on to what I'm doing and think it's funny.  But it is scary how sometimes they really aren't listening well to anything I say because one of my children will piece random conversations together then go tell people what he heard me and his dad talking about and it is NEVER right.  In fact it mostly makes us look bad and that's always real fun when your kids start telling other people what they "think" they heard you talking about.  My husband and I could say something about how we really like a friends new furniture and then change the subject about how we hate our old sofa and how we need to get it out of the house and the next thing we now our child is telling someone that we hate our friends house!  How embarrasing!

The other day I thought it would be fun to go for a jog while my 4 year old rode his bike beside me.  Seriously???  Was I smoking something that morning, I mean what was I thinking!  He almost tripped me twice by swerving in front of me and he TALKED the entire time and he requires me to answer back with words.  My usual "mmm" doesn't cut it with him.  He'll say, "Mom, don't do that, say words." He also begins every sentence with "Mom, mom, mom" and he won't continue to talk until he knows for sure I am listening.  Needless to say I was exhausted after my run and I think it was more mentally draining than physically.

But as a parent we sit and listen to our children talk no matter what.  Then we give our children the smile, the familiar smile that we realize our parents gave us when we were talking their ear off.  Sometimes I tune out and then the kids will say "What do you think, can I?"  then I have to say, "I'm sorry what was that again."  I should take the time to sit and listen more because in 14 years when they are all out of the house the dishes, laundry and cleaning will STILL be there!  Then I'll be begging for one of them to come over and talk my ear off! :)

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