Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Imagination Run Wild

There are days when my children come up with the most interesting things.  They'll make up some type of invention or food.  Some of their made up foods I view as inedible, but they have fun being creative.  It's been a long time since I was a child, yet some creativity and imagination still linger.  I'm a busy mom, just like a ton of other mothers in the world, and the one thing that sometimes I hate to do, because it takes time, is showering.  I know what you are thinking, I DO shower daily, I just get tired of the monotony of it.  I hope that in the future someone will event a shower that is similar to a car wash.  You would just walk into a shower and turn a dial that reads, Rinse, Suds, Wax, Blow Dry and Moisturize.  That way I could just stand there and after a few minutes I'd be ready to jump into my clothes.  I guess that makes me sound sort of lazy but sometimes getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed is just plain boring.  However, as I grow older it seems that those are the times my children want to talk to me.

It never fails, I'll be going to the bathroom or trying to get in the shower, and one of the kids will walk in and need something.  I realized long ago that privacy is something you give up as soon as you become a mom.  Looking back these were some of the times I had the best visits with my own mother.  She'd be curling her hair or putting on her make-up and I'd visit with her then.  So now I cherish the times I have to share my bathroom because I guess if my kids still want to talk to me I should take every opportunity I get.  Even if it does remind me of a scene in the preview of that new movie, Wanderlust, where the guy is sitting on the toilet and two people are in the bathroom trying to talk to him.  In the movie of my personal life story, when someone calls a family meeting everyone would march into the bathroom instead of to the kitchen table!

Side Note:  I just got interrupted by my four-year-old who is upset because he just realized that Dora really isn't listening to him.  When Dora would ask a question then wait for an answer he started saying the wrong things to test her.  His suspicions were confirmed.  She's not really listening to him. 

Sometimes my imagination plays tricks on me, well at least I hope it's playing tricks, otherwise I've gone completely mad.  Have you ever been washing dishes at the kitchen sink at night, and you look up at the window in front of you and the person staring back looks much older and more tired then you think you look and feel?  Well this happened to me last night.  I figured the woman staring back at me was my future self, and she told me to stop washing dishes, grab a glass of wine and go watch television, so I listened to her.

"All Our Dreams Come True if We Have The Courage To Pursue Them." Walt E. Disney

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