Friday, February 10, 2012

Sometimes We Can't Do It All!

I absolutely love it when my kids come home from school with funny stories about their friends' parents.  It makes me feel human!  The other day my eleven -year-old daughter asked her ten- year-old brother why John was wearing his Boy Scout uniform at school.  My son answered, "Because he said it was the only clean clothes he had in the house."  Hilarious!!  So other moms slack on laundry too??  That is so refreshing to hear.  I'll be honest there was a time when I'd hear, "I don't have any clean underwear", or "All of my jeans are dirty" on a regular basis.  Now my husband and our two older children do their own laundry, so I guess my evil plan to get out of doing the laundry worked!  :) 

There has been a rare occasion when I've had to pull a dirty dish or two out of the dishwasher and wash them by hand so we could use them.  Also keeping the toilets clean in a house with three males is almost impossible!  The other day my husband went to take a shower and our daughter was using our toilet.  He asked her why she was in our bathroom and she replied, "Because there is dried pee on the toilet seat in the main bathroom."  Nice.

Keeping food in the house is difficult too.  I just can't believe how much kids eat.  I will stock up on fruits, veggies and snacks and in a few days everyone is complaining because there is no food in the house.  I always have food, probably because I hide my food so they don't eat it!  There is nothing more relaxing then hiding in a corner of the house scarfing down cookies or candy before the kids hear you or smell you and they say, "What's that smell?  What are you eating?  Can I have some?"

My house may not be the cleanliest and I might not have the most food in the house but I hope when my kids grow up they remember that I read them books, played games with them, sat with them while they watched their favorite movies and that we had a lot of fun.  Speaking of fun, I actually think a fun game would be to have everyone go around the house and see what interesting things they can find.  I recently found a piece of half-eaten beef jerky under the sofa, an M&M from Christmas under a chair and my son found two quarters in the recliner.  It could be like a fun scavenger hunt and a way to clean under and behind things.  Which reminds me I saw a gumball under our old fashioned kitchen cupboard the other day and forgot to pick it up.  I'd better go get that right now.

"Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere."  Albert Einstein

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